April 23rd, 2014


That one time Sherlock said not you to tons of women and said its always you to John

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the wind on our side


the wind on our side

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I wanted to do a giveaway when I reached 40k but I am impatient, and knew I’d forget everything I wanted to put in it if I didn’t do it now lol. So here?? Ty for following me<3.

First things first; Rules.

  • You can reblog this as many times as you wish, but don’t annoy the people who follow you. 
  • Follow me because it’s a followers giveaway, friends. 
  • You’ll have to be willing to give me your address because I can’t just guess where you live, surprisingly. 
  • This will end on the 26th of May (aka, my birthday)
  • Don’t send the winners nasty things, that should go without saying, but i’ve seen it happen.
  • There will be three winners, the first can pick any four things, the second three things and then the last will have the two things that are left! :-). 
  • I’ll ship anywhere! :-).

Okay, now, prizes: 

Most of these things are brand new bar the enjoy cumberbatch shirt and fangirl book. 

  • Sherlock poster. 
  • Sherlock series 3. (Region 2.)
  • The Fifth Estate. (Also region 2)
  • Sherlock lives book (More info here)
  • Fangirl.
  • I don’t understand t-shirt (will order in the winners size)
  • Enjoy Cumberbatch t-shirt (Women’s XL).
  • Sherlock mug.
  • Sherlock charm bracelet. 
  • Also everyone will get a bag of werthers originals because they’re rad. 

Good luck!!! :-). 

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April 22nd, 2014

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April 21st, 2014


Oh my...

on the second gif, it’s like… he is fixing his shirt, after sex… with you… 

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John Watson, my friend, John Watson.

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